Discover Saint Malo

Famous for its history and its unusual landscapes, the city of Saint-Malo is an emblem of the Breton culture and also one of the favorite tourist destinations in France. 

The Terminus Hotel is proud to welcome you in the walled city. Whether you want to enjoy the view of the walls of Intramuros and then feel the spray of the Brittany coast on the beach of Le Sillon, the city of Saint-Malo is no shortage of memorable places. Discover Fort National overlooking the sea from its ramparts, Solidor Tower and the city of Aleth, home Corsair, many malouinières and many more memorable one than the other places. 

But the city of Saint-Malo is also many large-scale events such as the Route du Rhum, the festival Astonishing Travellers, Quai des Bulles, the road of Rock ... and all this close to our hotel!