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The highest tides in Europe

For a breath of fresh air, come in spring and fall, enjoy the incomparable spectacle of tides of the Emerald Coast.


Grande marée

Twice a day , every 6 hours , the sea is driven by a force which the sun and moon rule the show , the beach and the rocky coast of Brittany is covered and uncovered .
Tides are daily but they always have something special !

With the tidal coefficient , professionals and amateurs can get an idea of the importance of the tide and have no surprises when the sea rises. This " scale" is between 20 ( lowest dead water) and 120 ( bright equinox water). From the coefficient 95 , it is high tide .

The highest tides in Europe

On the Emerald Coast , the configuration of the coast has a great influence on the importance of tides. If the Bay of Saint -Malo is proud to be the scene of the highest tides in Europe , this is due to its geographical location.

When the Atlantic Ocean, huge mass of water rushes into the mouth what the Channel , the wave of the sea then happens very fast and very strong.

The tidal range - the difference between the high seas and sea bass - is on average more than 12 meters around the walled city . An exceptional phenomenon when we know that in the Landes region , the tidal range is 5 m and the global average is 2 m !

In 2014 , there will be 87 days of spring tides , 42 to over 100 !

La Tempête et les grandes marées à Saint-Malo... par manux03

Consulter les dates des prochaines grandes marées en cliquant ici ! (toutes les dates en bas de page)

N’hésitez pas à réserver votre séjour pour les prochaines grandes marées ici !

Understand the phenomenon

Tide , daily movement of the sea, is a universal phenomenon.

Our ancestors have long believed that this event was governed by the gods or by dark forces .

The law of universal gravitation Newton and the work of scientists such as Laplace and Poincaré have indeed proved from the seventeenth century that it was a story of strength : that of the Moon and Sun on the Earth.

The Moon is a magnet on the oceans. Its gravitational pull on Earth is twice higher than that of the Sun, its proximity .

Their actions are combined in different ways according to their positions :

The tides , also known as the spring tides , occur when the full and new moon, when the Moon and Sun are in alignment with the Earth. They thus draw heavily .

When the Moon and Sun form a right angle with the Earth ( during the first and last quarter ) , they are neap tides


The Tourist Office of Saint Malo offers a ride discovery Littoral each Great Tide led by a naturalist guide.

This is an opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna that lets discover the tide and learn about the tides .

From the tourist office , the ride takes place between the Fort National and the Grand Bé rock around the corsair city 15 minutes from the hotel.

Price: 6 € / adult - 3 € / child 5 to 12 years - Free under 5 years - usually out at 14:30 of the Tourist Office of Saint- Malo
Limited to 40 staff - Reservation only to the Tourist Office of Saint- Malo.

Date rides for 2014 :

Sunday, March 2 at 14:00

Tuesday, March 4 at 14:30

Sunday, March 30 at 14:00

Saturday, May 17 at 14:30

Monday, July 14 at 14:30

Tuesday, July 15 at 14:30

Tuesday, August 12 at 14:30

Wednesday, August 13 at 14:30

Wednesday, August 27 at 14:30

Wednesday, September 10 at 14:30

Saturday, October 25 at 14:30

Sunday, November 9 at 14:30

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